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PyRSS2Gen for Python3

Nine years ago I wrote and released PyRSS2Gen. It's a Python library for creating RSS2 feeds. You give it a Python data structure as input, and out pops XML on the other side.

It does one thing, and it does it reasonably well. People still use the package. A cursory search finds that packages for it in Debian and Ubuntu, examples of using it for various projects, and 16 questions about it in StackOverflow.

Not bad for something which only took a few days to develop.

I don't get much mail about it. People really only send email when something's broken, and PyRSS2Gen is a small enough that the few bugs it did have were quickly fixed for the 1.0.0 release.

Times change. PyRSS2Gen-1.0.0 wasn't Python3 compatible. The end of the world was neigh. But then I got a patch from Graham Bell with the two things which needed to change. The world was saved!

For your enjoyment, update to PyRSS2Gen-1.1. The module is a single file which is compatible with Python2.3 and later; and where "later" includes Python3.

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