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Python and Django courses for cheminformatics

I will be teaching two back-to-back courses in Leipzig, Germany. These courses are open to anyone.

I'm also available for in-house training.

The first is "Python for Cheminformatics." It's designed for computational chemists who want to become more effective in writing their research software. It is a hands-on course, with exercises based on real-world problems in cheminformatics. I teach using OpenEye's OEChem and the main ideas will work for any toolkit.

If you know some programming (what's a function?) and some cheminformatics (what's a SMILES string?) then you have the right background. And if you know more than that, I have more advanced exercises for you.

The second course is "Web Application Development with Django." It's meant for people who want to write internal web applications for cheminformatics. By the end of three days you will have written a molecular descriptor calculator and PubChem search tool PubChem, generated HTML, worked with databases, learned a bit about CSS, and used a bit of jQuery.

You should know some Python coming into the course. If you don't, take the "Python for Cheminformatics" course.

These courses are open to anyone, with a limit of 8 students per course. If you attend both courses you will get a discount. You can register directly, or if you have questions, email me at training-discard-me@dalkescientific.com .

In-house training

I am also available for in-house training giving either these courses or shortened versions of them. I have a one day version of the Python course which I've given many times.

I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden which is convenient for Europeans. For American companies, I will be in the US from the end of February to mid-March and can be available:

If you're based elsewhere then let me know and we can work something out.

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