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Upcoming cheminformatics programming training courses

I have scheduled a training session for cheminformatics web development in Leipzig, Germany on 18-20 May, I'm arranging a training course in Boston at the end of July, and tentatively planning a course for the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina in early August. And as a bonus, I'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-June and can arrange a course there for those interested.

Cheminformatics Web Development course, Leipzig, 18-20 May

My next cheminformatics training course will be in Leipzig, Germany on 18-20 May. It will have the theme "cheminformatics web development." It's meant for computational chemists who want to set up an in-house cheminformatics server for specific analysis tasks. The topics I'll cover are:

While the topics do cover specific technologies like OEChem and Django, the concepts are easily transferable to other choices.

The price for the three day course will be €1,300 and is limited to 8 people. For more details see my training page and if you have any questions then email me directly at dalke@dalkescientific.com. A discount is available for a limited number of academic and non-profit participants.

Possible course in the SF Bay Area in mid-June

I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-June and will be available to do some training then. At this point I'm only making a call out to see if there's any interest, either in a public training course or something arranged on-site. Are you interested? Contact me.

Boston, late July

I will be doing some training in Boston in late July and have two people already signed up. The final dates will be determined within a few weeks. This will be a public course focused more on scripting development with Python and OEChem. I will also be available for in-house training around that time if there's something specific you want for your company.

Email me if you are interested or would like to know when there's a finalized date for the public training session. Note that it will be open to at most 10 people.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, early August

I have been talking to a couple of people in the RTP area about doing training there. This is still in the early planning stages. If you are in the area and would like to attend then let me know as that would help a lot in making this plan a reality.

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