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Cheminformatics, bioinformatics, and system biology positions available

A couple of people I know have computational chemsitry and biology positions available, which might interest some of my readers.

University College Cork, Ireland

Noel O'Boyle (author of TwirlyMol, and Cinfony, contributor to OpenBabel and BlueObelisk, researcher in algorithms in cheminformatics and scoring functions for protein-ligand docking, and all-around good guy), has funding for a PhD student at the School of Pharmacy, University College Cork.

You would be developing open source tools for cheminformatics. I'm actually tempted by this one, except I think consulting pays better, I might have to move from Sweden, and I've got a different thesis I would like to work on.

Details about this PhD position.

Technical University of Denmark, on the north side of Copenhagen

Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten (whom I last saw at ISMB/Copenhagen, where he treated our table at the Scottish bar to a round of whiskys and I danced hustle with his girlfriend while the American musician played covers which everyone in the bar followed along to), has four open positions in his Metagenomics group at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis. That's 3 PhD/postdoc positions in next gen sequencing related metagenomics and 1 postdoc position in archaeal genetics.

He also pointed out that there are 13 open position (PhD, postdoc, and programmer) for the entire center, including: postdoc within predictive bioinformatics for molecular epidemiology, scientific programmer for molecular epidemiology, PhD within epitope prediction, scientific programmer within disease systems biology, and postdoc or research assistant, bioinformatics generalist.

Details about the CBSA positions.

Get out there and start researching!

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