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Teaching Python programming for cheminformatics

I'm announcing two short training classes in Python programming for chemical informatics. I will teach the first in Leipzig, Germany on 6-7 October. It will be hosted by the Python Academy. I'm still working on the details of the second. It will be in the San Francisco Bay Area in early December.

For details about the price, topics and other information, see http://dalkescientific.com/training/ or send me an email.

I work with and develop software tools for computational chemists, mostly in small-molecule chemistry. These are scientists, not programmers, but they use computers every day as part of their research. Most need to do some programming, pehaps to implement a new algorithm, or more likely to handle something that's too tedious or error prone to do manually, like automating analysis of 10,000 compounds.

Most chemists have some training in programming, usually a semester or two of introductory programming classes in college and a lot of training from the school of experience. The latter usually means informal training from labmates, who are also not programming experts.

I've seen many of my chemists friends work hard at getting software to do what they want it to do. Chemists, like most other people who had to spend years of mostly isolated work to get a PhD, know how to perservere. But they would rather do science, not spend time figuring out how to use software.

My training classes are meant for them. I'll cover different aspects of how to be better at Python programming using examples that are directly relevant to doing small molecule in silico research.

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