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Administrative trivia

I bought a new Mac in February. That came with a new version of Python. I maintain my website with a home-brew CMS. It reads a configuration file which tells it which files to use and how to convert them. For example, these writings are stored in a set of text files. My site generator reads those files and creates the individual pages, the summary pages, and the RSS feed.

I publish the entire site (rather, just the pages with changes) to my local machine and rsync to my server machine. My web site contains only flat files. This is cheaper (no extra hosting fees) and has no extra security risk. Plus, I can work on updating my site and only rsync once everything is ready.

I did roll it myself and I've forgotten how it worked. It used Python 2.3 and I'm now running 2.5. I had done some hacks so I could read email-like configuration files, but those hacks depended on internals that changed with the newer Python. I finally sat down and got it all working. I hope.

I like the idea of keeping my web site as a set of static files. I looked for a blog editor which would let me do that. It shouldn't be hard: it needs to know where to publish, the template for the blog content, and how to update any index pages and feeds. I couldn't find one.

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