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Updated PyRSS2Gen

Edward Dale (hard not to type "Dalke" there :) reported a small typo in PyRSS2Gen. Fixed and I'm calling it PyRSS2Gen-0.1.1.

I had almost forgot about it. Looking around a bit, I see fink mentions it. There's a package named SuprFeedr which says with portions Copyright © 2004, Giles Antonio Radford. Wonder what he did. Found rsslib which does something similar to PyRSS2Gen. There are a few comments like that of Ryan Wilcox: About 30 minutes later, with thanks to PyRSS2Gen....

Looking at the logs there have been 412 downloads of the .tar.gz. Browing my web server's logs there are appropriate search terms ("Python+generate+RSS"), links from usenet archives and web-based email programs, and blogs sites. There are some false-ish hits ("python module datetime" and "python dublin core") and the almost certainly wrong one of "creating your own python enclosure". Trying some of the non-obvious URLs found nothing exciting.

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