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RSS feed up and running

Got PyRSS2Gen to dump RSS2 from my website's bailing-wire and chewing-gum content management system. Tested it against feedvalidator.org. Fixed a few bits of code (but none in PyRSS2Gen) and got everything to pass. Then downloaded an RSS viewer for the Mac and tested it on my site and a few others'.

Turns out most people either have a description put their full entry text in the description field, except for AMK who didn't have a description. I had used a HTML->text conversion then chopped the text at the last space before character 300 if it was too long.

Since it looks like most people expect full text in the feed, I decided to go along with the crowd. Now my feed doesn't cleanly validate, since the hand-written part of my actual content uses relative links. These are all rooted, so the RSS viewer I'm using handles it correctly given the feed's URL, but I wonder what'll happen when I forgot about that restriction and use a ../.. in an entry. Well, par for the course I guess.

As it seems to work, I'll try registering with Artima. If it works but my rickety RSS code causes a kerfluffle in your readers, let me know.

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