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Lincoln on SOAP, CORBA, and REST

I like the idea of REST for developing network-based resources. I don't like SOAP -- I think it's clumsy, and XML-RPC meets most of my RPC needs -- and I've yet to find a good time to use CORBA. (I asked Duncan Grisby of OmniOrb fame about it at EuroPython a few months ago. He said CORBA is best when don't want to commit to a single vs. multi- processor architecture, and that if you are doing pure Python there's no big advantage to CORBA.)

I was looking on the biomoby archives and came across an email from Lincoln which does a good job of explaining those three alternatives. I'll keep it in mind next time a client asks me this question. (Some apps might also use PVM/MPI or, in modern parlance, grid computing, and pure Python code could use Pyro or similar libraries.)

I wonder what influence my DAS postings had on him. Hmm... Maybe I should copy some of those essays here. I see they aren't included on the main DAS/2 RFC page.

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