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Dalke Scientific Software, in collaboration with its affiliated partners, offers consulting, customization, support and training services. A few possibilities that may interest you are outlined below.


Dalke Scientific is the only company to provide commercial services for Biopython. The founder of Dalke Scientific is one of the cofounders of Biopython and we have contributed much to its growth and development. This long association makes us an excellent company to:

  • Advise you on how to use Biopython in your organization
  • Update the code and parsers when the underlying programs and formats change (such as BLAST and GenBank)
  • Fix any bugs in the code base
  • Document the different APIs
  • Integrate new components
  • Present an introductory-level training course on how to use Biopython
  • Help keep Biopython working for you, to handle your needs

Chemical Informatics

Dalke Scientific started as a consulting company in chemical informatics and we maintain close ties with that field. We can provide customized solutions that take advantage of our PyDaylight product. A sample of some of the projects we have used it for are:

  • High-throughput screening analysis
  • Providing access to analysis services through specialized servers
  • Adding a web interface to Thor and Merlin databases
  • Unifying a diverse number of standalone Daylight-based tools into a single, modular, robust program
We also have experience using the OpenEye tools.

We also provide support for PyDaylight itself. The types of services we provide are similar to those for Biopython, except that in partnership with Mesa Analytics and Computing, LLC we are also able to:

  • Teach beginning and advanced courses in Daylight and PyDaylight
  • Teach beginning courses in OEChem
  • Set up Daylight at your site to work with your data
Dalke Scientific specializes in software development and tool integration. If you are interested in chemical data analysis and data mining then you should speak directly with Mesa Analytics.


Rates depend on the type and length of service needed. Our standard rate for a short term software development contract in chemical informatics is $150/hr./person, or $1,500/day/person plus expenses for a site visit. Rates do vary so for details about your project please contact us at info@dalkescientific.com.

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