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New PyDaylight release available

October 15, 2001

Dalke Scientific Software, LLC today announced the release of version 0.8 of their PyDaylight package. PyDaylight is a rapid application development library for chemical informatics. Written for the Python programming langauge, it is based on the Daylight toolkits and adds high-level interfaces such as objects, exceptions, iterators, and depiction libraries. This release adds modules for reaction processing, program objects, and PDF depictions.

PyDaylight reduces the time and effort needed to write and maintain chemical informatics software. Says Pat Walters of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, "PyDaylight greatly simplifies the development of applications which use the Daylight Toolkit. Programs written with PyDaylight typically require fewer than half the lines of an equivalent program in Perl or C."

Previous releases emphasized library development but, says founder Andrew Dalke, "we found that ease of downloading and installation was a limiting factor in getting people to use PyDaylight so we moved development over to SourceForge and switched to using the standard Python installer."

SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source development website. It provides resources for software development projects including package downloads, mailing lists, anonymous CVS access, and bug tracking.

More information about PyDaylight can be found at http://www.dalkescientific.com/PyDaylight/.

"Daylight" and "Daylight toolkit" are registered trademarks of Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc. Daylight C.I.S. is neither affiliated with nor responsible for PyDaylight. All other marks are property of their respective owners.

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