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Commercial support for Biopython

Copenhagen, July 19

Andrew Dalke announced at BOSC this morning that his company, Dalke Scientific Software, now provides commercial consulting and support services for Biopython. Biopython is an international collaboration to collect and produce open source bioinformatics tools written in the Python programming language.

"One of the complaints people have about open source software," said Andrew, "is the lack of support. "We now offer that support, so a company that wants to use Biopython can hire us for consulting, customization, debugging, documentation, and training."

This announcement marks the first commerical support available for any of the projects associated with Open Bioinformatics Foundation - a list that includes Bioperl, BioJava, BioXML, and BioCORBA. Said Chris Dagdigian of Blackstone Technology Group and The Open Bioinformatics Foundation, "[this is] absolutely amazing and a real milestone in how far we have come since the mid 1990's."

Dalke Scientific Software been a longtime supporter and advocate of Biopython. Andrew Dalke and Jeffrey T. Chang co-founded Biopython in August 1999 and since then Dalke Scientific has contributed several components to Biopython, including the Martel parsing technology, the Mindy indexing system, and the standard sequence class.

More information about the services available from Dalke Scientific can be found at http://www.dalkescientific.com/services/.

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