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Meet us at BOSC and ISMB

July 2001

Dalke Scientific and several of its partners will be at BOSC and ISMB. Come meet us and learn more about what we are doing with Biopython. Here are some of the scheduled times and places where you can find us:

Andrew Dalke, founder of Dalke Scientific Software and one of the organizers of BOSC, will present the Biopython talk on Thursday morning. It is titled"How to Become a Biopython Programmer in 15 Minutes."

Jeffrey T. Chang will lead the Biopython Birds of a Feather meetings. Come around to the general session on Thursday evening to meet many of the Biopython developers and learn more about Biopython. We would love to hear how you've been using the code!

Brad Chapman gives his talk on Friday morning. It is titled "Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Libraries for Biological Analysis in Python." Brad is also the co-author of Iddo Friedberg's talk on Thursday morning titled "Generation and Use of Substitution Matrices in Biopython."

Jeffrey is presenting a tutorial at ISMB about "Natural Language Processing for Bioinformatics," which is based on his ongoing graduate work.

Andrew will show his poster at ISMB on Tuesday evening. Titled "Martel: parsing flat-file formats as XML" and numbered 273, it describes how the Martel parsing technology works and how it is used in Dalke Scientific's products and in Biopython.

If you want to learn more about Dalke Scientific and its products and services you can schedule a meeting with Andrew Dalke by emailing him at dalke@dalkescientific.com, leaving him a message at the notice board, or by meeting him in the conference halls.

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