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Executive Summary
Dalke Scientific Software develops software systems that help researchers do more science in less time. Our focus is to provide usable tools for computational life sciences, including structural biology, bioinformatics and chemical informatics. We also offer consulting services and are the first company to provide commercial support for the open source Biopython project.

Andrew Dalke dalke@dalkescientific.com
    Andrew has been developing software for computational life sciences since 1992. Some of his projects have included biomolecule visualization, parallel molecular dynamics, networked based client and server platforms for bioinformatics and data mining of high-throughput drug assays. The running thread through all these projects has been providing systems that advance the development and understanding of new science.

Affiliated Partners
Jeffrey Chang jchang@smi.stanford.edu
    After working at Molecular Applications Group developing bioinformatics data-mining systems, Jeffrey returned to Stanford and is currently finishing his PhD in BioMedical Informatics. His thesis is on analyzing free text to discover biological relationships, particularly those of relevance to pharmacogenetics. He has published in areas such as structure, sequence, and literature analysis and has given tutorials on Python and natural language processing. Jeffrey is a co-founder of Biopython and its current coordinator.

Brad Chapman chapmanb@arches.uga.edu
    Brad Chapman is working on his PhD in plant biology at the University of Georgia. In addition to developing Biopython tools to advance his research in comparative genomics of under-developed crop species, Brad is the main author behind the Biopython/BioCORBA integration and is an active participant in the bioinformatics.org community.

Rachel S. Smith rachel@indigogecko.com | website
    Rachel is dedicated to creating innovative software interfaces that are both usable and beautiful. She has designed the interface and graphical look for projects such as the Biology Labs On-Line (created by the California State University and Addison-Wesley-Longman), internal training web sites at Hewlett-Packard, and a number of corporate and professional websites.

Craig Smith craig@pixelbug.com
    Craig is a QA engineer and systems administrator. His experience working at innovative companies including NeXT and Autodesk makes him an invaluable resource for advice in managing a technology-based business.

Mesa Analytics & Computing, LLC mesaac@earthlink.net | website
    Mesa Analytics & Computing provides consulting services for companies who have an interest in knowledge discovery, cheminformatics, data mining, statistical modeling, cluster analysis or fraud detection. They assist Dalke Scientific in the development, support and training tasks related to cheminformatics software projects.

Company History
Dalke Scientific was established in 2000 as a New Mexico registered limited liability company and is based in Santa Fe.

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