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Biopython is an international collaboration to collect and produce open source bioinformatics tools written in the Python programming language. Founded in 1999 by Jeffrey T. Chang and Andrew Dalke it now has users and developers from four different continents. Biopython is developed under the umbrella of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation; an organization that also assists other open source bioinformatics projects including Bioperl, BioJava, BioXML, and BioCORBA.

More information about Biopython can be found on its web site at www.biopython.org.

Dalke Scientific Software uses the Biopython source as the core part of its bioinformatics products. Dalke Scientific has been a long time supporter of Biopython and has contributed several components, including the Martel parsing technology, the Mindy indexing system, and the standard sequence class.

Dalke Scientific provides commercial consulting and support services for Biopython. If you are interested, please contact info@dalkescientific.com.

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